Dr. Dina Khairie, PharmD

Dr. Dina Khairie is a medical specialist who has spent nearly a decade in key positions at NoorVitamins. After receiving her doctorate in pharmacy from St. John’s University in New York, she began her career working as a supervising clinical pharmacist in the community pharmacy arena.


An experienced medical science liaison, Dr. Khairie specializes in medication therapy management, providing scientific and clinical expertise in therapeutic areas ranging from immunology and virology to hematology/oncology. She has also provided peer-to-peer training for pharmacists across the United States. Her experience includes work for some of the leading global pharmaceutical companies including Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi.


At Noor, Dr. Khairie is directly involved in product formulation and development. She also has developed the ability to communicate complex scientific data to various audiences, and serves Noor as a primary resource in the dissemination of scientific product and disease state information to both healthcare professionals and consumers.

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