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7 Things to Remember When Buying a Halal Vitamin Supplement

7 Things to Remember When Buying a Halal Vitamin Supplement

Adopting a halal lifestyle in a non-Muslim country can be a little complicated, but not impossible. If you maintain your knowledge about key Islamic facets, incorporating those facets into your life will come easy after a certain time. Among other significant matters, a Muslim should also keep in mind is his/her diet. Because Islam precodes a complete way of life, it includes specifications about what one can indulge in and what one should refrain from; and this includes vitamins. Nowadays, people are resorting to supplements to achieve certain wellbeing targets and maintain a balanced diet. As a Muslim, you should be seeking to maintain a balanced and healthy diet as well and therefore, being able to decide which vitamins are permissible is pertinent. Here in this post, I am going to tell you about a few tips that you must consider performing before bringing a vitamin supplement home.

A Muslim Store Is Preferred for Halal Vitamins

It is a good practice to try to make your purchases from a Muslim store. This can relieve you of an in-depth research process and by following this tip, you bolster the relationship between a Muslim shop owner and Muslim consumer. The more the product is scrutinized for Halal standards, the more the satisfaction can be achieved.

Check for Halal Certification

Even if you are buying from a Muslim store which claims to sell Halal products only, you should still check for the certifications. Just like you would scrutinize any product that you purchase, ensuring that your Halal vitamin product meets Halal certification is essential.

Check For The Authenticity of the Certifier

There are many institutes and organizations in the U.S that provide Halal certification; this increased number of certifiers are also due to the increasing demand for Halal products. A product with a Halal label at the back should not be enough if you are genuinely interested in keeping a 100% Halal diet. Make sure to be aware of the credibility of the certifier. For example, IFANCA and ISWA are the most authentic certifiers in America. Others include HFSAA and ISNA.

Study the Ingredients

You should never miss reading all the ingredients on the bottle of the product you intend to take. It is advised to at least have elementary know-how of the basic ingredients. This will help you to quickly identify what is 100% Halal, and what can involve prohibited compositions.

Avoid Supplements with Artificial Colors

Vitamin supplements use artificial flavors and colors to make the pills, gummies, and other forms look attractive and taste delectable. You should try to avoid these additives in products as much as you can. They are often made up of uncertain ingredients that may not adhere to Halal standards.

Compare The Quantity with RDAs

Although this is not a Halal diet maintaining tip at first glance, it can constitute one. Islam forbids Haram food because it is evidently harmful to human health. In the same way, Islam forbids all eating habits that can cause harm to wellbeing. This way consuming according to the RDA is also a part of maintaining a Halal diet and a Halal lifestyle. While selecting a vitamin supplement, always check for the quantity of each ingredient it provides. Compare that quantity with the RDA and choose the closest combination of provided quantity with the recommended one.

Alkaline vs. Acids

This tip is also about choosing to stay healthy. Always look for vitamin supplements which are alkaline based. They are more natural and less harmful and in comparison, vitamin supplements with high acidic ingredients can cause inflammation which leads to chronic diseases.


Live healthily and remember, Halal is synonymous with healthful. And don’t forget to check out some of the Halal multivitamins and halal supplements that NoorVitamins offers to the Muslim community in America.
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