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7 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Health-Minded Dads

7 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Health-Minded Dads

It’s that time of the month again where we celebrate Father’s all around the world. Father’s Day is a time to show our appreciation for all the male role models in our lives that we have looked to for wisdom, love, and support. There is no better way to show our appreciation than with a healthy Father’s Day gift idea. 

Let’s help the important men in our lives lead healthier lifestyles with a gift that will have them feeling good and living for many years to come. 

Below is a list of Father’s Day gifts that will surely impress.   

7 healthy Father’s Day gift ideas

1. Gym Subscription

Gifting a gym subscription is a great way to keep Father’s active. Working out at least 2-3 times a week can help lower stress, release tension, improve sleep, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Spending time at the gym also means meeting new people and building with like minds. Look into different membership options in your area as gyms will have different equipment, space, and additional services. 

2. Exercise Equipment

Fit Bits are trendy and a great way to get Fathers more conscious of how active they are during the day. Fit Bits can do everything a watch does and more. They allow you to measure your calorie burn, sleep quality, heart rate, and steps taken in a day. All you have to do is glance at your wrist to keep track of your progress. 

Fit Bits are a great Father’s Day gift for those who are really pressed for time but still want to stay active. Another great idea would include free weights, resistance bands, or even an ab roller. They are small, easy to store, easy to handle and a great way to stay fit in the comfort of the home. 

3. Athletic Gear

There’s something really cool about putting on your workout gear and getting active. Trendy tracksuits, sweatsuits, windbreakers, hoodies, shirts, gym shorts, and running shoes are all great gift ideas to help get Fathers in the “zone” and feel good while working out and staying active. Some athletic brands include Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Everlast.

4. Vitamin Staples

Gifting quality vitamins helps to encourage a healthy lifestyle, especially for fathers who are approaching middle age. As we begin to age, we are more prone to bone and joint disease. Joint+ is packed with bone-building minerals like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D which helps relieve joint pain and stiffness. 

Men’s Multi is another great staple as it was formulated specifically for men and contains the right amount of nutrients needed to keep the body healthy and strong. 

Omega 3 supplements are great for brain health and inflammation. Studies have shown that supplementation with Omega 3 can help ward off age-related mental decline and disease like Alzheimer’s. 

Other benefits include lowering the risk of heart disease, fighting inflammation, improving eye health as well as strengthening the bones and joints. Omega 3 is not produced in the body, so supplementation is key.

A lack of energy can also begin to take hold as men approach middle age, Energy+ is jammed packed with B vitamins that support cellular energy, the nervous system, and metabolism. This is a caffeine-free, high potency formula that strengthens the immune system and helps keep energy levels balanced throughout the day. 

Probiotics help to keep the immune system strong and also rebalances the intestinal flora that is altered with the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Other great vitamin staples include Saw Palmetto and Zinc for prostate health and reproductive health.   

5. Healthy Snack Basket

Being on-the-go has become a natural part of our lives. It’s so easy to stop at a fast-food restaurant or snack on some chips while driving. Giving Father’s a healthy snack basket is a great way to introduce them to healthy snacks that they can have on the go. Get a basket from your local craft store then head on over to your local health food store and start piling in the goodies. 

You can add protein bars, granola bars, organic gum, organic chips, dark chocolate, pre-packaged nuts and seeds, energy balls, and hemp seed clusters. You can even throw in a couple of bottles of alkaline water; all dad has to do is grab-n-go. Now he has replaced the junk with more healthful and nutritious choices with no effort on his part. A great way for him to begin getting his palette used to nutritionally dense food. 

6. Gifts for Relaxation

Give your father the gift of relaxation and help him to unwind from his day. We all lead busy lives and sometimes it can be difficult to release the tension from a stressful day (or week).  Having a healthy outlet to unwind is important for mental health and well-being. Ideas can include a reclining chair, an orthopedic pillow, a portable body massager, a gift certificate to a relaxing massage, or even a foot rub. 

Maybe he needs an organizer for the garage where he does a lot of work, or some new extra comfy steel toe shoes to ease his foot pain throughout the day. Every father has different needs but you can never go wrong with a gift that offers comfort.


All in all, celebrating the important men in our lives is a joyous occasion. We can show our appreciation to Fathers and male role models who offer their continuous wisdom and support. Healthy gift ideas are a great way to show that you care and are rooting for them to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. What will you gift your Father this year?

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