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Noor Dollars: Providing Added-Value for Our Customers

Noor Dollars: Providing Added-Value for Our Customers

We here at Noor are always looking for ways to add value to our customer’s shopping experience. We are always working on continuous ways to improve our platform while making the purchasing process easy and fun which is why we are excited to tell you more about Noor Dollars!

As a token of our appreciation for your continued loyalty and support, we have created a system where you can earn while you spend!


What are Noor dollars and how do you earn them? 

Noor dollars are virtual dollars you earn every time you purchase an item from You can earn two Noor dollars for every bottle you buy and it will automatically be added to your account.

In order to earn Noor dollars, you must first sign in to your account. If you do not yet have an account, click “My Account” on the home page and register there free of charge! With your account, you can access order history, tracking information, and get an update on how many Noor dollars you have saved in the bank. 


Who can use Noor Dollars? 

Anyone with an account at can accumulate Noor dollars. 

Noor dollars cannot be applied to subscription orders, as a 10% discount is already in place. Sale items are also not eligible to receive a Noor dollar discount, as they are already reduced.


How to apply and use your Noor Dollars 

Noor dollars can be applied towards a purchase of any future order. Once you use you apply them, you do not accumulate more Noor dollars on the same purchase. 

To use your Noor dollars, sign in to your account and go to “My Cart

Select Noor Dollars as a check out option

See your current balance, and select how much you want to apply to your order:

You will receive a message confirming that your Noor Dollars have been applied:

How to Review your Noor Dollars Balance

  • Go into the “My Account” page
  • Your Noor Dollars balance is shown on the right below your user information:

We always appreciate our customers and we hope that you will take advantage of this great opportunity to earn while you spend. Noor Dollars is a token of our gratitude for your continued support as we would not be the innovative and driven company we were without your continued loyalty and support. Thank you 

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