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5 Best Vitamins for Boosting Your Immune System

5 Best Vitamins for Boosting Your Immune System

Strengthening the immune system has become a top priority for many, especially since this global pandemic has taken our world by surprise. Coronavirus is an airborne disease that affects the respiratory system. Specific groups like the elderly and those with a compromised immune system, dealing with underlying ailments are more at risk. 

The most efficient way to keep our health at an optimal level and ward off viruses and illness is to take vitamins for the immune system on a daily basis. 

In this article, we will discuss the best vitamins for boosting the immune system.

The 5 best vitamins for boosting your immune system


1. Vitamin C

Also called ascorbic acid, vitamin C plays a major role in the body’s immune system. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C fights free radical damage which makes it protective against LDL cholesterol and oxidative damage. 

It also maintains the activity of the white blood cells which act as bacteria fighters, warding off and preventing bacterial infections. Foods high in vitamin C include citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons) acerola berries, sprouted beans, kale, squash, and strawberries. The average recommended dosage is 500-2000mg a day. 


2. Zinc

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that protects against free radical damage and plays a role in many enzyme reactions and bodily functions. Zinc is heavily involved in the function of white blood cells, which protects the body from bacterial and viral invasions.

It also combats inflammation, regulates wound healing, and assists with healing the digestive lining. Foods that are rich in Zinc include pumpkin seeds, eggs, kelp, meat, mushroom, sardines, black-eyes peas, and whole grains. The average recommended dosage is 100mg daily.


3. Tumeric

Turmeric has been used in India as a culinary spice and for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years. Its active compound is Curcumin and is usually concentrated in supplement form to be used therapeutically. Curcumin has a wide variety of proven benefits to the body including its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and the modulation of the immune system. It does this by increasing the activation of T cells.

These types of cells protect the body from pathogens and cancer cells. A study done by the US National Library of Medicine speaks on this in more detail and also provides more information about the role Curcumin plays in immunity.

Curcumin can be used as a spice in its whole, powdered form of Turmeric. It is also a key ingredient in Curry powders.


4. Probiotics

Probiotics are one of the best vitamins for boosting the immune system. They are characterized as healthy, live bacteria that populate and maintain balance in our gut. 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive system, this is because our ability to break down and absorb nutrients from food and supplements is dependent upon the health of our gut or digestive system. Probiotics keep this system balanced and working at an optimal level.

Probiotics also contribute to regular bowel movements, which plays a vital role in immunity. Probiotics can be found in supplement form or in yogurt and fermented products like kombucha, kimchee, and sauerkraut. 


5. Multivitamins and minerals 

A multivitamin/mineral contains the recommended daily intake of key nutrients to keep the body and our cells healthy. A quality supplement like Noor’s Multi-Vit will ensure that you have covered all grounds in terms of meeting daily nutritional needs which will support immunity and our overall health.

4 Lifestyle tips for boosting your immune system


1. Find Joy in the midst of Chaos

It is no secret that laughter was once and still is the “cure-all”. A good laugh can change the course of our day and have positive effects on the body as it reduces stress. 

Although there are so much anxiety and chaos going on around us right now, we still have a choice to choose joy by turning off the television and filling our quarantined lives with things that make us happy. Is it playing card games? Or reading a book? Maybe it’s organizing, going for a walk or arts and crafts. Whatever it is, make the best of it and always be in a state of gratitude.

A study done at the US National Library of Medicine has shown that laughter offsets the psychological effects of anxiety, depression, and stress. All of which are emotional states that can weaken our immune system.


2. Exercise regularly 

All the fitness centers have closed down but who says that our active lifestyles have to stop as well? There are a plethora of at-home workouts available online, along with Zumba, Pilates, and Yoga classes. You can even walk up and down the stairs to get your heart rate going. Exercise releases endorphins which are the “feel-good” hormones that help to uplift and balance your mood.  Exercise also helps relieve stress which in turn strengthens the immune response. 


3. Detox your body

Cleansing detoxification pathways like the colon is a great way to keep the immune system in check. Toxins that accumulate in the body can inhibit the absorption of key nutrients needed for the body to function at an optimal level. Now that most of us are staying home, it’s the best time to do a thorough spring detox. Eating more fiber-rich food, increasing our water intake, and taking a gentle laxative are all ways we can initiate the detoxification process.


4. Eat whole foods

There’s no argument with the fact that food is the key player in one’s overall health. Whole foods, in particular, are medicine to the body, fuel to the cells, and nourishment to your vitality. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, and water are staples that carry immune-boosting properties and should be eaten every day.

Final thoughts

All in all, taking the best vitamins for the immune system along with eating healthy food and daily exercise is the best recipe for a healthy body. During this global pandemic, it’s so important to ensure that you are taking all precautions to not only keep yourself safe, but healthy as well. 

Let’s all do our part by washing our hands regularly, coughing or sneezing in our sleeves, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing if you have to go out for essentials. Above all, stay at home and boost your immunity so we can decrease risks and eliminate this pandemic for good.

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